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how it started

I became the Chief Penguin of IBM where I focused on enabling startup founders to build, scale & thrive. I founded the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator in 2019 to change the narrative around data protection, privacy, security & compliance to not just be about adhering to regulatory requirements but weaving data privacy into what it means to be socially responsible. Without data security, it's impossible to do right by one's customers. I learned the difference between operational assurance & technical assurance & become passionate about walled infrastructure, enterprise computing & encrypting data when it's at rest, in transit & in use.

how it's going

As I continue on in my journey as Chief Penguin of the World, I look to carry the torch of all the data privacy advocates looking to protect their customers' most sensitive data to the furthest extent possible. As we collectively aim to solve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, I aim to create a convening force of all the many penguins out there focused on the concept of datatech for good. While I am not sure IBM can find another Chief Penguin of IBM, I cannot think of a better leader to carry on the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator torch than someone I call a friend, family, & fellow Penguin...Adam LG Ring!

What the hell is a mainframe?

year one

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When I first joined IBM, I was convinced I would be fired for not getting all the enterprise computing lingo used by IBM lifers. As I explored IBM and learned more about IBM tech, I became an incredibly passionate fan and advocate of the powerful benefits of IBM's enterprise computing technology with respect to leveraging innovation made possible via open source, its uptime percentage compared to other options (99.999%!) & the platform's security features (data is encrypted even when it's in use + so much more).


Building a datatech startup ecosystem.

year two

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Recognizing that IBM zSystems offers powerful benefits, but why should this only be available for the chosen few operating their own data centers? IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services entered my world to answer that question. Hyper Protect is a solution that runs off the LinuxONE platform but is available in the Cloud.

Did you know that all cloud solutions available today except for those running on Hyper Protect do not encrypt your data while it's in use? If a company you trust is collecting, analyzing, storing, and/or transmitting your medical records, financial data, insurance history, or other personally identifiable information, you want your data to be protected to the furthest extent possible, right!? Me too! While we are at it, let's make this available for startups too!

Holy smokes, did someone say Timbaland?

year three

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With the launch of the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator in 2019, we welcomed fifteen startups to join our datatech for good movement. We grew to 45 startups in year two, 100 in year three, and an expected 145 in year four! With 49% of founders with at least one female founder and 34% with at least one black founder, it's not just about choosing great use cases, it's also about ensuring the startup ecosystem is diverse, equitable, and inclusive! With 25+ countries represented, we even welcomed celebrity music producer, Timbaland to the family. We might have also had a thing or two to do with enabling Bryan Young from Home Lending Pal to be officially called 'The Mortgage Disruptor'.

be an and.

not an or.

The only one standing between you and the you that you aspire to be is you.

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what's next for 2022?

Chief Penguin of the World

  • Spread my wings from the Chief Penguin of IBM to Chief Penguin of the World!
  • Continue to advocate for startup founders to embrace zero trust & privacy-first.
  • Build an ecosystem of like-minded investors and entrepreneurs focused on datatech for good & crypto.

what's next for dr. Sassi?

Chief Penguin of the World takes over the World

  • Launch my new future-of-work & open innovation startup, Skills Hustle. Here's to having paying customers!
  • Take on an incredibly exciting new role as Partner within P3 Crypto. Here's to creating digital asset & energy infrastructure greatness & enabling the underserved everywhere!

P3 crypto magic

Where should I start?

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Introduce New Investment Avenues

Bring like-minded crypto investors & startups together via new funding avenues.

Develop Rural Smart Villages

Create inclusive smart village solutions to connect off-grid data centers & rural communities.

Advance Crypto Policy Discussions

Bring crypto expertise & thought leadership to the world.

Bitcoin Mining Hubs

Connect Texas & a country near you to establish global hubs for Bitcoin mining & energy infrastructure innovation.

Create Local Innovation Hubs

Evolve existing innovation ecosystems via energy, DeFi & Bitcoin mining lenses.

Rollout a P3 Crypto Road Show

Serve as a convening force bringing together crypto investors, startups, policy makers, big tech & practitioners.

Let's go & make the impossible possible.

Dr. Melissa Sassi

Chief Penguin of the World

Partner, P3 Crypto

CEO & Co-Founder, Skills Hustle

CEO & Founder, MentorNations

Hit me up!

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